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about me

Coach, Astrologer, Healer, Mentor

If you're feeling hopeless after a breakup or divorce, you've come to the right place. If you believe you are unsuccessful in relationships, I can help you regain your confidence and clarity to move forward. With extensive experience in helping people rebuild their lives post-breakup or divorce, I am here to guide you towards a more positive and fulfilled life.

My Philosophy

I believe that while breakups and divorces are incredibly challenging, they can also be opportunities for growth and self-discovery. My coaching approach is based on empathy, active listening, and practical strategies that are tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

If you’re reading this, you may be just one step away from changing your life.

Hi I am Aditi Sharma, certified life coach from the esteemed International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring, having completed my training at Pure Coaching Academy in London.

I am deeply passionate about making a meaningful impact and enriching lives. With boundless empathy and a soul ignited by compassion, my dedication lies in fostering growth and success for others. I provide expert guidance and heartfelt support to help you heal and rebuild after a breakup and divorce. My personalized coaching service is designed to help you move forward with confidence and clarity

Life Coach

As a post-breakup / Divorce coach, my primary role is to support individuals who have recently experienced the end of a relationship. I will provide guidance, encouragement, and practical tools to help clients navigate the emotional challenges, regain their confidence, and rebuild their lives after a breakup. We have been taught tools and tips as coach and mentor by which we can bring changes in others life if you implement right method.


Astrology is a belief system that suggests a connection between celestial phenomena and events on Earth, including human experiences . Astrology is a tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and understanding the life journey. With the extensive experience in Astrology and certified in the same I will be able to help you understand your love life, reasons for the failures and how to plan journey going forward

Life Experience

I will guide you in taking the necessary steps to improve yourself and attract the right people into your life. Drawing from my own experience of transitioning from a toxic relationship to a healthy and fulfilling one, I can help you understand and implement small changes that will attract the right individuals.Breakups and divorces can be incredibly challenging, Growing out of this situation requires immense strength and courage.

Spiritual Friend

As a spiritual friend, I will actively listen without judgment and with full presence. I will offer my undivided attention, creating a safe space for you to express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.Astrology can also help as a symbolic language that offers insights into the spiritual journey of individuals. Understanding the spiritual journey provides clarity about life events, which helps you feel peaceful.

Our Special Programs

  • Per Session: $75
  • 6 Sessions: $360 (Equivalent to the cost of 5 sessions)
  • 10 Sessions: $504 (Equivalent to the cost of 7 sessions)

Personal Coaching

We combine Eastern and Western approaches, integrating Astrology and Life Coaching tools to empower you to reach a state of confidence, clarity, vision, and acceptance. According to research, it takes an average of over 2 months for a new behavior to become automatic—specifically 66 days. However, the time it takes to form a new habit varies widely based on the behavior, individual, and circumstances. In one study, this ranged from 18 days to 254 days.

To facilitate your transformation, I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions, each lasting one hour and scheduled weekly. Through this consistent process, your mindset will gradually shift, fostering lasting change.

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What you will get out of coaching session


In order to know the light, one must experience the darkness. The dark can coerce you into a life of eternal self-loathing. I was the average human, reliving my bad experiences from the past to no end, often spiraling down dark avenues of my life. I detested certain aspects of my life till I saw a ray of hope when I met Aditi. Given the life and experiences she has had, she still flew around like a social butterfly, spreading laughter and happiness everywhere she went. My heart wandered in the abyss, wondering where she derived her positivity from. Alas, how could one remain so happy and fulfilled? They say that a thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warnings. As I grew to know this amazing person, l realized that Aditi has mastered the art of perspective, introducing me to the intense and complicated world of repressed emotions and hidden experiences that molded me into the person that I was. There is no saying what I did in a previous life to have her as a friend and confidant in this one. The light she brought into my life is priceless. I end this note with a quote for anyone reading this: “Wisdom comes from experience and experience often stems from the lack of it.” So make mistakes and laugh them off. Life’s too short for regret.


I have been mentored by Aditi for four years now, and I can confidently say it’s been a transformative experience. Her deep expertise in personal development and goal setting has guided me through challenging times and helped me unlock my full potential. She is an excellent listener, always providing insightful feedback and encouragement. With her support, I’ve achieved goals I never thought possible and gained a newfound sense of confidence and clarity in my life. I highly recommend Aditi to anyone looking to make positive changes and reach their full potential

Shruti Mohit Sood

The interesting thing about Aditi is that she knows how to comfort people. She gets directly into the heart of people – she got into mine and dealt with me boldly and calmly. She is very compassionate and works hard until she sees people have put their problem(s) behind them, are comfortable and genuinely happy.

I have known Aditi for three years now and she is not only confident but has a stand-alone spirit like a lioness. Aditi is very positive as a person and is clear about her approach towards life. She has lived her life very boldly in spite of challenges and has completely transformed her life on all fronts. She is not only the best life coach but an inspiration to the world. I wish her very best in life.

Inha Sahni

Navigate Life's Challenges with Confidence



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